Window Screen Machine

We offer weaving machine for making of fiberglass window screen and square mesh. The window screen machine offers excellent property and the quality of the fiberglass mesh produced with it is reliable.

Major Index:
Electric Motor: 1.5KW FOH-56-6, 2.0KW FOH-58-6, 960rotation/minuts
Max. shaft rotation: 130-200 rotation/minute
Weft yarn choice: mechanical control, six color
Weaving shaft coil distance(mm):1380,1860,2060,2366,2566,2866
Weaving shaft coil diameter(mm): 550, 600
Cloth Full Rolling Diameter(mm): 400
Warp Yarn Feeding: Auto feeding
Weft Yarn Feeding: Auto feeding

Outside Dimension of Fiberglass Mesh Machine(mm):
Width:3875, 4180, 4380, 4680, 4880, 5180
Depth: 1857; Height:1640
Weight of the Machine: 1600kg (motor not included)

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